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Prevention And Wellness

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Prevention and wellness go hand-in-hand: Services within these categories keep you from getting sick and promote a longer lifespan. At Family Medicine of Florida, in Winter Park, Florida, Dr. Leach and his team provide preventive health services and recommendations for a healthier lifestyle at home. Schedule an appointment for yourself or a loved one over the phone or online today.

Prevention and Wellness Q&A

What is prevention and wellness?

Prevention and wellness both encompass services and strategies that help keep you healthy in the long -term. While much of medicine focuses on treating diseases that you already have, prevention and wellness reduces your chances of getting a diagnosis and needing treatment in the first place.

While preventive services can do a lot and support longevity, there are some diseases and injuries you just can’t prevent depending on your risks. Still, engaging in prevention and wellness with Dr. Leach can reduce your overall risk or improve your outcome with management or treatment. 

Which services do prevention and wellness include?

Family Medicine of Florida, offers several prevention and wellness services in the office for you and your family. He encourages you to visit for:

Annual examinations

Annual exams, or check-ups, are routine physical examinations with your primary care practitioner. Dr. Leach tests your blood pressure, heart rate, neurological function, breathing, and many other parameters during these visits. He also makes wellness recommendations for you. 


Vaccinations are injections that contain inactive or partial forms of disease-causing viruses or bacteria. They teach your immune system to recognize and build a defense system against specific diseases. 

Preventive screenings

Disease screenings are tests for specific illnesses that have not yet caused any symptoms or differences in functioning. Dr. Leach recommends them based on your personal and family medical history as well as your age. 

How can I promote prevention and wellness at home?

You and your family members can benefit from implementing healthy practices at home between doctor’s appointments. While Dr. Leach can examine you and give you wellness tips during your visits, you’ll benefit the most from his recommendations by following them consistently. 

Dr. Leach’s recommendations for being healthy and preventing illness may include:

  • Making adjustments to your diet
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Stopping smoking and other tobacco use
  • Cutting down on alcoholic beverages
  • Avoiding illicit drugs
  • Getting adequate sleep
  • Finding a healthy outlet for stress

The recommendations you get are personalized based on your current health, lifestyle, risks, and preferences. 

For more information on personalized prevention and wellness, call the team at Family Medicine of Florida or reserve an appointment online today.